27 Jul 2022 15:13PM

    Żabka tests full electric distribution vehicle Scania

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    Żabka tests full electric distribution vehicle Scania

    Żabka develops modern logistics based on the idea of smart and green cities. For the sake of the planet and the comfort of the inhabitants, it continues to implement quiet urban transport with zero emissions, establishing cooperation with other electric car manufacturer. Since July 26 this year, the chain has started testing the electric Scania 25P truck, which will be used to deliver goods to stores located in Warsaw and surrounding areas. These include the possibility to check the comprehensive transport solution that Scania offers – along with the electric vehicle Żabka will receive from the partner also a mobile charger.

    Combating climate change is a global challenge. From this perspective, it is particularly important to build effective partnerships to combat this phenomenon, for example by working with the next transport solutions leader. This is our next step to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint, which is extremely important in urban areas and regions particularly exposed to air pollution – such as Warsaw and its surroundings, where the vehicle will be tested for the next two weeks – says Adam Manikowski, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    Scania 25P B4X2NB is an electric truck with a maximum permissible laden weight of up to 19 tons. Zero-emission electric drive allows you to travel up to 250 km at a time. The car has a package of 9 batteries with a total capacity of 300 kWh, which takes less than 100 minutes to charge. In addition, the batteries are charged while driving as a result of recuperation. The vehicle works both quieter and in a more environmentally friendly way than typical trucks. It can be used, among others, in the so-called green zones as well as perform more transport operations at night, which results in relieving the road infrastructure during the day. In addition, the vehicle’s cabin is designed specifically for city work – it is low-hanging, which ensures excellent visibility on crowded streets. The vehicle, therefore, has a direct impact on improving the living conditions of urban residents, and thanks to solutions such as advanced emergency brake, electrohydraulic steering system, driver attention support, lane departure warning, detectors for pedestrians and cyclists, or 360° camera system, it also increases the comfort of the drivers. As a result, the car provides the Żabka franchisees with the highest quality of service.

    Together with the vehicle, Żabka will also receive from Scania a mobile charger DC Plug Charger Go, developed by Ekoenergika-Polska S.A. The charger can be used to charge all-electric vehicles (150-1000V) and has the function of regulating the charging power.

    We are very pleased that companies such as Żabka, which rely on frequent and timely deliveries of products to stores, are now taking concrete steps towards testing and moving away from fossil fuel-based vehicles. In Scania, we are consistently expanding transport solutions that are more environmentally friendly, including biofuels, fuel-efficient powertrains, and electrified vehicles. In the future, every transport will be able to be electric, also in Poland, so we support our customers in this process, offering them comprehensive improvements: fully electric truck with charging systems and transport route analysis, which will allow the performance of tasks in urban and regional traffic –says Wojciech Rowiński, CEO of Scania Polska S.A.

    Scania 25P is another electric vehicle tested by Żabka. Since 2019,  the chain has been testing zero-emission commercial vehicles, and since 2021 it has had a fully electric distribution vehicle with a refrigerated body, which supplies goods to stores in Silesia. Żabka also invested in its electric car charging stations in logistics centers in Nadarzyn and Plewiska and the headquarters.

    The chain is also gradually upgrading its passenger car fleet and testing to replace diesel cars with electric and hybrid vehicles.


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