21 Sep 2022 14:39PM

    Żabka Nano with the Innovation Leader 2022 award

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    Żabka Nano with the Innovation Leader 2022 award

    Żabka Nano, currently the largest chain of autonomous shops in Europe, has recently been awarded twice for its innovative concept. The chain was recognized by the jury and participants of a conference organized by the DWBW University in Heilbronn, Germany, receiving the Smart Stores award.

    The Żabka Nano was one of 18 concepts nominated in the Smart Stores category of the Innovation Leader 2022 competition, of which 5 were selected by the Jury for the strict final. On September 13, this year, 300 participants of the “Retail Innovation Days” congress, after hearing the presentation of the final projects, in a live vote, selected the winner – Żabka Nano.

    Żabka Nano was chosen by the jury and our participants for its great achievements. With more than 50 autonomous stores in Europe, Żabka Nano is the European leader and idol for other retailers in Europe in this field – said Professor Dr. Stephan Rüschen, Head of the Retailing Faculty at DWBW University in Heilbronn.

    We are very pleased with the next award for the Żabka Nano concept. It is a proof for us that our ambitious project is a good investment, noticed and appreciated not only by customers but also by the industry and scientific community. I hope that we will continue to surprise the market with more innovative solutions – commented Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Futu

    The “Retail Innovation Days” Congress was organized by the Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg in Heilbronn (DHBW Heilbronn), the largest retailing university in Germany, where about 900 students are studying for a degree in retailing and the city of Heilbronn is the brains and heart of retail in Germany.

    Żabka Nano – a project of the Żabka chain, whose mission is to simplify purchases thanks to technologies, hopes for a change in the retail market and is currently the largest operator of autonomous stores in Europe with already 50 facilities and ambitions to become the largest operator of this type in the world. Stores are already located, among others, in gyms, office buildings, and soon also in dormitories or hospitals.


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