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    GOCC Golden Heart already in Poznań

    GOCC Golden Heart already in Poznań

    During a meeting at the Foundation’s headquarters, Jerzy Owsiak summarised what equipment would be purchased with the amount that the Żabka Group donated during the heart auction. PLN 1 050 000. is the equivalent of 4.5 specialised ultrasound machines, almost 3 Digital PCR machines or 1 fluorescence microscope for FISH genetic tests.

    The motto of the 32nd Finale was: ‚Lungs after the pandemic. We play for children and adults, and the goal was to support pulmonology wards and provide them with appropriate equipment to fight the effects of the pandemic. The topic is very close to our hearts, as from the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, Żabka Group has been heavily involved in activities to increase the safety of its customers, franchisees and employees, as well as supporting Polish hospitals on a large scale in the fight against Covid-19. Participation in the auction of the Golden Heart No. 1 was therefore a continuation of the company’s efforts to improve the quality of healthcare, as well as the crowning achievement of its long-standing involvement in the activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and highlighting Żabka’s 25th anniversary celebrated last year.

    The company has been involved in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC – WOŚP in Polish) activities for several decades, creating, together with its franchisees, the most numerous staff in Poland. This year, colourful WOŚP moneyboxes were displayed in more than 10,000 Żabka shops; moreover, users of the mobile application could donate Żapps to the Foundation, and Żabu, the virtual hero, wore a special volunteer T-shirt for the occasion. Thanks to the commitment of customers and franchisees, the company donated a total of more than PLN 1,450,000 as part of the 32nd GOCC Finale.


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