Mindful business impact 2.2 Partnerships for positive change

    zabka group's support of innovative companies and projects

    Why is this important?

    The United Nations stresses that the effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda) requires a disruptive approach to partnership between governments, the private sector and NGOs. Partnership-based activities, conducted at global, national and local level, should rely on commonly shared values and principles, as well as on a coherent vision and clearly defined objectives. Therefore, by building an environment conducive to innovation and exchange of experience, as well as acting together with scientific institutions, business incubators and our business partners, Żabka Group is creating solutions that support the convenience ecosystem and provide an opportunity to develop and create added value for the environment.

    Our contribution

    Żabka Group comprises organisational units that play a significant role in the areas defined in the 2030 Agenda. We want our organisation to be the first choice for various business partners. Our aim is to build partnerships for positive change and to support innovation. Therefore, we are actively looking for partners offering solutions to support the transformation of convenience ecosystems, also in terms of sustainable development. We combine the competence, resources and potential of the Żabka Group with the knowledge and skills of external organisations and institutions in order to develop, test, implement and scale up products and services supporting the lives of our customers. By doing so, we increase the number of recipients of our activities and stakeholders who actively benefit from their results. We also invite our suppliers to join our efforts — as a chain of over 8,300 stores, we reach nearly three million customers every day. This scale means that we are an important trading partner for them. We also cooperate, inter alia, with universities, drawing inspiration from their students’ creativity and sharing our knowhow. We are continuing our commitment to the work of industry organisations that serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience. We are also working with UN Global Compact to promote sustainable development practices.

    What have we done so far?

    We have launched a special platform, Venture Studio, whose task is to search for and attract modern solutions offering the entire Żabka Group new development prospects. A dedicated team is closely following the market and analysing business solutions offered by Polish and foreign start-ups operating in such areas as automation of retail processes, stores of the future or sustainable development. In 2021, over 350 start-ups signed up for accelerator programmes that are run or supported by Żabka. We have selected the most promising ones and are continuing our cooperation with them. Cooperation with AiFi, a US-based start-up, has resulted in opening Europe’s largest chain of autonomous Żabka Nano stores. We support not only rising companies, but are also cooperating, as partners, with those entities already enjoying a well-established business position. Using the Advanced Customer Insight Tool (ACIT), we continued to cooperate with business partners who value high quality of information about consumer choices and appreciate guidelines on how to optimise the range of products carried. Thanks to the fact that data on sales, promotions and consumer behaviors is updated on an ongoing basis, the tool guarantees the highest quality of cooperation. Expansion of the range of convenience ecosystem solutions, as well as the implementation of the Responsibility Strategy has affected our presence and activity among industry and non-governmental organisations – we joined the Polish Plastic Pact and we have also become signatories of the Diversity Charter.

    „Goodvalley is a company that controls the entire process of product creation — from the fields through the supply chain.As a company in the meat industry, it also boldly speaks of flexitarianism, encouraging the consumption of less, but better quality meat, both for the good of health and the environment. This is an example of a company focusing 100% on sustainable agriculture and climate-friendly practices that translate into product quality. Working with Żabka, we share ideas and inspire each other. As part of the “farm to fork” system, we guarantee full control over the final product, and thanks to Żabka, our highest quality products reach millions of customers in Poland. Member of Executive Board, Goodvalley Poland”

    Paweł Nowak
    Member of Executive Board, Goodvalley Poland

    „Sustainable development requires wise cooperation in order to exert a positive impact, as the spectrum of challenges faced in the context of long-term business strategies is extremely broad. Combination of the knowledge and skills of Żabka’s management with the passion for changing products and business models with the use of technology, as shown by the founders of disruptive start-ups, is the best way to achieve common good. We live in an increasingly complicated world. That is why it is worth appreciating Żabka leaders’ ability to build innovative and ethical stakeholder capital, increasing the positive impact on a large scale.”

    Prof. ALK dr hab. Bolesław Rok
    Koźmiński Business Hub

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    Responsibility Report 2021