Mindful business impact 2.3 Communities activation

    franchisees and employees of zabka group

    Why is this important?

    According to surveys focusing on the social engagement of Poles during the pandemic, 76% of respondents participated in at least one form of charity work during the last year. The authors of the study stress that the trend of purchasing products the proceeds from which support charities is gaining in strength in Poland. Consumers expect the businesses be involved in actions responding to global challenges and supporting local initiatives — nearly 60% of Poles are more willing to buy products or use the services of companies that are engaged in supporting the consumers’ communities. At the Żabka Group, we are in close touch with those local communities every single day, and we want to properly focus our real impact on their everyday lives by responding to their predefined needs.

    Our contribution

    Żabka stores are a permanent part of the everyday life of many people, meaning that they remain in close touch with local communities. Our franchisees often have a broad knowledge of the most urgent needs of local residents. It is our intention not only to support the daily purchasing choices of consumers by expanding the range and improving availability of the solutions we offer, but also to be an active participant of the life of local communities we function in. We are aware that the scale of activity of the Żabka Group’s ecosystem translates into huge opportunities as far as impacting social change are concerned. We are also aware, however, that we bear a great responsibility for the environment in which we operate. Being aware of the increase in social awareness of our stakeholders, we attempt to motivate and activate them in order to make the best use of the organisation’s potential in the field of social engagement. We focus our attention on the most important aspects that are of key significance from the point of view of the impact that Żabka Group exerts on its external environment, but also stem from the needs of the most important stakeholder groups. We are structuring our efforts by focusing on key programmes and projects whose implementation will bring about measurable benefits for all parties involved.


    What have we done so far?

    Relying on our organisation’s social competence, we have structured our projects, investments and engagement by drawing up a Social Engagement Strategy. Its three pillars support the achievement of five UN Sustainable Development Goals. The core ideas behind the Strategy include awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of our stakeholders. The activities we have implemented so far within that strategic framework will be continued in the future as well. The programme we are working on in cooperation with Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie is a good example here, as it involves the social partners and our franchisees alike. We are also supporting Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. As it is the case each year, we provided the organisation with a financial donation, while our customers and franchisees organised fund-raising campaigns at their stores. Users of the Żappka app were also able to donate their Żapps points. In total, we donated PLN 3 million to WOŚP. We were also continuing our activities supporting a significant number of stakeholders in their fight with the COVID-19 pandemic. We provided our franchisees with financial, material and legal assistance, so that they could ensure continuity of operation of their stores, thus providing customers with the ability to shop safely. In 2021, we participated, together with our partners, in over 37 thousand sustainable development interactions — that is 18% higher than the year before.

    Pillars of our Social Engagement Strategy

    Pillar One

    We provide support to our customers in making conscious choices every day by promoting an active, nature-based and healthy lifestyle, with our focus placed both on physical and mental health.

    At the Żabka Group, we make people’s lives easier by offering them solutions that change their habits for the better. We want people around us to be able to enjoy the pleasures of their everyday life. We expand our areas of influence by building awareness of the significance of physical and mental health.

    Goal supported:

    Pillar Two

    We bring people who live in the same neighbourhood closer together, support initiatives establishing local ties, as well as projects intending to create resident- and environmentally-friendly meeting places.

    We are both a local and wide-ranging ecosystem. Together with our franchisees and their employees, along with technological solutions and services, we intend to promote and to play an important role in the process of restoring good neighbour relations, taking care of each other and caring about our environment.

    Goal supported:

    Pillar Three
    Equal opportunities

    We promote independence of young people threatened by social exclusion and assist them in starting their professional careers. We also promote entrepreneurship and the innovative approaches.

    The principle of equity is enshrined in the operation of the Żabka Group. It applies to relations between our employees, to cooperation with franchisees and with other business partners. We also intend to promote this principle by offering access to knowledge and equal opportunities when entering the labour market.

    Goal supported:


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