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    Gallup Institute data puts us among the world’s top 23% of employers when it comes to employee engagement: five times higher than the average Polish company in the Gallup Institute survey. We are improving too – at 4.44/5, in 2022 we scored 0.14 higher in the survey than the previous year. This reflects the seriousness with which we take engagement, with activities focused on the three pillars of Knowledge, Understanding and Practice being designed to ensure every employee and manager understands its importance. 

    Activities include an expanding range of educational materials and tools being made available for managers, as well as online sessions with external experts and dedicated training events. Our year-round ‘Lupa na Gallupa’ newsletters remind employees how everyday activities build engagement. And our ‘Praising Days’, when employees are encouraged to convey thanks in a creative and amusing way, are highly effective in building enthusiasm and loyalty. During 2022, we were pleased to see the Chwaling Days (Praising Days) initiative win the internal campaign category of the Employer Branding Excellence Awards to mark Poland’s best employer branding practices. 

    We continued to run many initiatives during the year designed to teach, develop and inspire employees at every level, including our Żabka Academy and #GROW programmes. 

    Competence, experience and willingness to develop are key values for us, and we see the diversity of our employees as a vital corporate advantage. That’s why we have created the Equity Zone, a place for people to find a wide range of materials on equality and diversity matters. We also provide inclusivity workshops and encourage people to complete an e-learning course on our Equity Policy. 

    Most important, we have created the new Cultural Assistant role to actively support our D&I practices. As a first step, we have invited six women of Ukrainian and Belarusian origin to help us adopt refugee families and support a truly intercultural environment within our organisation. This is a key part of our plans to build an organisation that’s focused on openness, diversity and inclusivity. 

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    Responsibility Report 2023

    Żabka Group ranked #2 in Top 100
    Global Most Loved Workplaces ranking.
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