Sustainable lifestyle 1.1 Good nutrition

    supporting healthy eating by zabka group

    Why is this important?

    Nutrition experts underline that each product has its own place in our diet. It is up to the consumer to choose the right products and to decide how often and in what amounts they will be consumed. It is therefore important to have the knowledge on the nutrients required in an optimised diet, and to supply the market with products enabling consumers make more conscious choices benefiting themselves and the planet. Nutrition solutions offered by the Żabka Group support these choices. We respond to alarming statistics concerning overweight and obesity that affect 69% of men and 57% of women in Poland. Globally, this problem is on the agenda of the United Nations (UN) that point out, in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the need to change nutritional habits, and lifestyles and consumption behaviors in general, to ensure that they become more sustainable. Our solutions-oriented ecosystem also fits into the need for access to relevant solutions, including high-quality products, as declared by 77% of Poles.

    Our contribution

    We want good nutrition not to be associated with shopping that becomes a difficult, knowledge-demanding and time-consuming experience. We also do not want it to be associated with effort-intensive meal preparation. We react to the needs of customers who are willing to live healthily, comfortably and pleasantly, enjoying their everyday lives and spare time.

    Over 9,000 stores throughout Poland, offering good quality products allowing consumers to compose all meals required during the day, as well as selling on-the-go snacks.

    Leader of the dietary catering market in Poland – door-to-door delivery of daily, balanced meals with their calorific value and ingredients adapted to the individual needs of each customer.

    A q-commerce app offering a 15-minute time of delivery to the customer’s home or office at selected locations in Poland; the offer includes Żabka’s own brand and Maczfit products.

    Europe’s largest chain of over 50 autonomous stores, open 24/7, allowing customers to make quick purchases without waiting in line — they simply take the products from the shelf and pay for them automatically.

    Online platform allowing to select the best suited diet meeting the desired nutritional objectives and adapted to body parameters and level of physical activity pursued.

    Online shopping service offering same-day delivery, often within one hour. Customers may choose from five thousand products, and the range is continuously expanded.

    What have we done so far?

    We offer high-quality dietary solutions, simultaneously limiting the content of those ingredients that may adversely impact our health. We consistently implement the reformulation strategy of modifying the recipes of the own brand products we offer – we reduce salt and sugar content, expand the range of plant-based products, reduce the content of preservatives, glucose and fructose syrups or artificial flavors. While implementing our strategy, we rely on the expert support of the Institute for Health Promotion and Dietary Therapies. In order to ensure that the change in the product composition does not adversely affect their flavor, we regularly organise workshops for our supplier and hold consultations with our food production and dietary experts. Products whose recipes have been reformulated are evaluated during expert and consumer panels. Apart from modifying ingredients, we constantly expand the range of solutions. In 2021, we introduced products such as fermented vegetable juices and BIO kombucha offered under the Dobra Karma brand. Our customers appreciate our own brand products – in 2021, we sold PLN 218 million in products promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

    Selected activities

    Our Policies in this area

    Sustainable Palm Oil Policy

    Responsibility Report 2021